PODHALANKA Polish Restaurant – 5/2016

Podhalanka Polish Restaurant – 1549 W Division St, Chicago 60622,   Subway Directions – Phone: (773) 486-6655 (website, you ask?)  Did I not mention this was a Polish Restaurant run by ladies who could be your Mom (Matka) or Grandma (Babcia) or Great Grandmother (Babcia) – See Menu below:
Q-Tips say:  Absolutely love this restaurant! Reasonably priced, outstanding food, plastic table cloths, fake flowers, and photos of the Pope, a TV that shows movies in Polish make Podhalanka special. The people who work here are so wonderful and friendly. Our waiter, (yes, only one), was funny & did a great job considering some of the Chopin Theater crowd came in. They do not advertise that they are BYOB but Mrs. Q called and yes, you can bring your own wine or beer.  Just mention it when you are seated and they will bring some water glasses for your wine. The food is very traditional Polish and so delicious and affordable. The Q’s, both having Polish backgrounds, know their Polish Food. Our choices of Potato Pancakes (Placki Ziemniaczane), an order of Pierogis (Pierogi Ruskie, Z Kapusta, Lub Z Miesem dumplings with potato & cheese, & meat).  Along with Cabbage Soupfor both. PODHALANKA closes around 8 so come early and enjoy! Mrs. Q says: If you want some color to your food, order the Beet Soup and Beet Salad! Don’t forget to go look at the Polish Cards that they have For Sale. What a treat!

Our server was funny. He said they only accept Polish money, credit cards. But if you don’t have that well, OK we accept American cash/credit cards. Had the opportunity to speak with him and he is from Krakow Poland. Everything is delicious and homemade. Yes, he does suggest items to have, especially if you have not eaten there before. Did not ask before hand if they are BYOB or not since we had a glass of wine before the going to the theater. Mrs. Q brought her own bottle of water even tho they do sell bottled water at the restaurant. The prices are very reasonable – for our dinner for two- the bill came to a little over $25.00. Having been here before, we knew what to order and not order everything on the menu because the servings are plentiful and you can easily share. Go and enjoy, we did. Mrs. Q says: Dziekuje -( jen-ku-je) – Podhalanda, Thank you.

MENU: Dinners around $13.75. Soup and Salad
Pieczen Wolowa (roast beef), Pieczen Wieprzowa (roast pork), Gulasz Wolowy (beef stew), Gulasz Wieprozwy (pork stew), Zrazy W Sosie Pomidorowym (rosher in tomato sauce), Zeberka (spare ribs), Kotlet Mielony (hamburger steak),
Sztuka Miesa W Sosie Chrzanowym (boiled beef with horseradish sauce), Kotlet Schabowy (breaded pork cutlet),
Ryba Smazona (fried fish), Bitki Wolowe (beef tenderloin), Bitki Wieprozowe (pork tenderloin), Zrazy Wieprzowe Zawijane (rolled stuffed pork), Zrazy Wolowe Zawijane (rolled stuffed beef), Sniadania (Breakfast From 9am-12pm)
Jajecznica Na Bekonie scrambled eggs & bacon, Jajka Sadzone (fried eggs), Zupa Mleczna (hot cereal with milk)
Kielbasa Z Rozna (fried sausage), Omlet, Platki Owsiane (oatmeal), Platki Kukurydziane (corn flakes),
One Dish: Flaczki (beef tripe stew), Golonko (pork shank), Golabki (stuffed cabbage), Nalesniki (blintzes),
Pierogi Ruskie, Z Kapusta, Lub Z Miesem dumplings with potato & cheese, cabbage or meat. Placki Ziemniaczane (potato pancakes), Fasolka Po Bretonsku (beans breton style), Zupy $3.50 (Soup)
Jarzynowa (vegetable) Krupnik (barley), Pomidorowa (tomato), Fasolowa (bean), Rosot (chicken), Barszez Czerwony (beetroot), Zurek (sour borstch), Kapusniak (cabbage), Ogorkowa (cucumber), Pieczarkowa (mushroom)
Dodatki Obiadowe – Salads: Mizeria Z Ogorkow (cucumber), Salatka Z tomato) Surowka Z Burakow Cwiklowych (red beef), Surowka Z Kiszonej Kapusty (sauerkraut), Kapusta Gotowana (boiled cabbage), Kanapki
Sandwiches: Polish Sausage, Chicken, Beef, Pork, Beverages: Kawa (coffee), Herbata (tea), Kompot (compote), Soda, Woda Firmowa, Pepsi, Soft Drinks and their homemade juice.

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