ROY'S – Chicago State St. location 5/2014

ROY’S – 720 N State St., Chicago, IL 60654, (312) 787-7599

Q-TIPS SAY: The Q’s decided to finally use our gift card from American Express for Roy’s. Roy’s was not bad it was just average. NOT WORTH THE PRICE. Roy’s is part of a chain. The ambiance and service is good but they have a few too many people hovering and waiting to take your plate even tho the restaurant was not crowded.

Tho the drinks were good at the price of $12.50 ea and we shared the Lobster Dim Sum – Including our entrees the bill came to over $100.00. Mrs. Q had the Tempura white Seabass – She will never have Tempura Fish again, that is just not how you make Seabass or any fish. Mr. Q had the short ribs- they were decent. Mrs. Q says: Next time “I want a decent drink and seafood”, she will go to another chain, like Bonefish, which is a chain and more reasonably priced and decent food, service. The ambiance might not be the same but so be it. She was looking for something on the menu that was similar to the Hawaiian POKE she had in Hawaii, but alas, not to be found. Aloha Roy’s, the Q’s will not be back. Went to their sister restaurant FLEMING’S Steakhouse in Sarasota Fl and were not that impressed with them either- Ruth’s Cris Steakhouse is is much better.

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