Todoroki – Evanston 8/2017

Todoroki – 526 Davis St., Evanston, IL  –

Q-Tips say: Just ok. The Q’s do like Shashimi/Sushi (but like really fresh fish) but the reviews were just so/so about their Sushi and decided to try their Habachi entrees. Service was just ok. Quick to pick your dishes while eating but when done and wanted the check, had to go look for our waitress. Was ok but nothing special.  A lot of fried rice and veggies. Probably not go out of our way to go back there because it was average.  The college kids like it because they offer “all you can sushi” for $25.00. But they do say on the menu that you might be charged extra for left overs on your plate.  So perhaps you should try it yourself and decide if this Rest. is for you.