BOVINE BAKERY Petaluma CA 12/2014

BOVINE BAKERY 23 Kentucky St., Petaluma, CA 94952, (707) 789-9556,

Q-TIPS SAY: DEEEELICOUS!! Organic, handmade pastries, organic coffee and espresso. Great cookies, Mrs. Q had the oatmeal/raisin/coconut and Mr. Q had the chocolate chip and also Peanut butter. Went back twice and enjoyed our cookies as our dessert after dinner. Others placing their orders said the absolute best cakes,cookies and gluten free baked goods. When back in Petaluma we will be back for our cookies and other baked items at Bovine Bakery.

Mrs. Q says: They offer a 10% discount for those silver tipped hair kids (you know who you are).

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