Cowboy Bar & Grill – 2/2018

Cowboy Bar & Grill – 5447 Hwy 9, Felton, CA 

Q-tips say:  The Q’s shared the Yahoo Plate$18 –pound of St Louis cut spareribs, smoked for 6 hours, finished on the char broiler with your choice of sauce: Kansas Red, ginger bbq, sweet jalapeno, or Carolina mustard wash. Asked for the sauces to be on the side and also came with corn bread and honey butter &  we ordered a side of slaw. Was just ok – but the drinks were good, as was the service.  Mrs. Q is willing to try this place again but the Mr. is not so sure.

OK – tried them again because it is so close and convenient and they have a full bar and Mrs. Q really wanted to it to be so good so decided to try the hamburgers. This time we got take out. Well, another disappointment. Asked for them to be cooked Medium and they were well done. YUCK! Think it is ADIOS to Cowboy Bar & Grill.

OK – The Q’s were with out a car (our daughter had a follow up Dr. apt. and our son-in-law was at work), so Mrs. Q suggested to the Mr. that we take a walk, on a very dreary rainy day, to Cowboy. Well, the Mr. had a cup of Chile and some of Mrs. Q’s chicken wings and she had the rest.  We enjoyed our lunch.   Perhaps, there is hope yet for Cowboy Bar & Grill.