Crow’s Nest 2018

CROW’S NEST Restaurant – 218 E Cliff Dr. Santa Cruz, CA, (831) 476-456,

Q-Tips Say:  Was always a go to restaurant when we were near Santa Cruz. Love the views, upstairs Breakwater Grill  “Half off Happy Hour Drinks and Happy Hour Bites” until this time.  We were a little disappointed this time because we asked for the “Happy Hour”  Dungeness Crab Martini, as always, – Dungeness Crab on the stem with cocktail sauce and avocado and we were told they were out – ok so we ordered something else light because we were going downstairs to have dinner with our daughter, son-in-law, and grandson.

Went downstairs and they had the same item on the menu and low and behold we were able to order it at the full price.  Mrs. Q asked them, “what gives?” She was told they have different kitchens even tho they are in the same building and have the same restaurant name.  Hmmmmm. The waitress downstairs charged us for two salads because our son-in-law went to the salad bar and only brought back one salad but our daughter took her fork and tasted something off his salad plate therefore she had to charge us for 2 salads.  Mind you they did not go and refill the plate,  just took something off his to taste.

Seems like they want to nickle and dime you where ever they can. Can’t get it upstairs at 1/2 off but downstairs you can for full price, and no tasting anything from some else’s plate or they will charge you.  This visit left us with a little bad taste in our mouth for Crow’s Nest.  Hope they won’t charge us for the bad taste too.