Sushi San 2/2018

SUSHI SAN – 6231 Graham Hill Rd.,Felton, CA,  (831) 508-5070,

Q-Tips say:  Nice addition to the restaurants in Felton.  food was just ok , service,  atmosphere.  Our go to Sushi restaurant when in Felton.

Mrs. Q had: Combination Bento Box:  MISO SOUP, GREEN SALAD, RICE, AND PICKLE CUCUMBER, then you PICK ONE OF FOUR HOT ITEMS:CHICKEN TERIYAKI, BEEF TERIYAKI, SALMON TERIYAKI, VEGETABLE TEMPURA,PICK ONE SUSHI OR SASHIMI: SUSHI :CALIFORNIA OR PHILLY ROLL, AND 3 PIECE NICIRI), SASHIMI: MACURO • HAMACHI, AND FRESH SALMON. (2 PIECE EACH). A lot to choose from and good. A little higher priced than other restaurants but worth it with what you get. Mr. Q had the CHEF’S CHOICE SASHIMI:– Server with Miso Soup and Bowl of Rice assortment of our finest cuts.   All others had a variety of Vegetarian.

Not as good as before, nor is as clean as before.