BOCA Rest. – Sarasota FL 4/2017

BOCA – 19 S Lemon Ave., Sarasota, FL  – (941) 256-3565,

Q-Tips say:  GO & ENJOY! And ask for Josh – he is knowledgeable,
makes honest suggestions and is an extremely hard worker that once was at Peridia G & CC but now is at BOCA. It is Peridia’s loss and Boca’s gain – they better treat him well since he deserves to be treated well. By the way, they don’t share tips, so when you get a good server keep that in mind.

Mrs. Q is an “Old Fashion” kind of gal. Not in that sense, she really likes her “Old Fashion” drink to be made the way she enjoys it, and they do it right.  The Q’s had the SAMBUCA P.E.I. MUSSELS – Sambuca, garlic, fresh herbs, toasted baguette, excellent choice for an appetizer to share. The sauce was sooo good you want to make sure you have a soup spoon to eat all the sauce. The the main course for both:  SWEET POTATO GNOCCHI  – Oyster mushrooms, butternut squash, broccolini, sage cream, micro Parmesan 8/19. The smaller portion was more than enough for one person. Another great choice. Next time we plan on trying something different- work our way through the menu.  They shop local farms for produce and grow some of their own spices. They have very fresh fish choices depending on what is caught daily.  Go and enjoy, we did.