HALF SHELL Seafood House Rest. 11/2016 :(

HALF SHELL Seafood House -5231 University Pkwy., Sarasota, FL 3420, (941) 315-2877,   halfshellseafoodhouse.com

Q-tips say: Mrs. Q says, “where do I begin”? It is difficult to write this review but  NEVER again will we go to Half Shell. Heard some good comments about Half Shell and we decided to finally try it. Service was good but first ordered a drink and the waitress said “we are out of bitters & should have some in a half hour to forty-five minutes.”  Would you like to wait or have your drink minus the bitters? That makes it a different drink altogether, so we said, “no problem,” we will order something else. Then asked for a dozen oysters and asked where are they from and what kind do you have? Answer: the kind you get in Fl.  Mind you the name of the rest. is Half Shell.  So the oysters come and they are the largest oysters I have ever seen. They were shucked but the mud was still all on and around the bottom of the shell. NEVER had oysters w/mud still attached to the bottom shell. They usually come on a bed of ice not mud. I was apprehensive but luckily did not get sick.  Waitress asked, “how is everything”? Our Answer: Just ok, not the kind of oysters we are used to eating. Waitress said, “we have smaller ones,” do want those? No, because we already ate these. Then came the Shrimp Basket. The shrimp were very small and heavily breaded. So, needless to say, we will not go back.