Mediterraneo – 1970 Main St., Sarasota, FL 34236, (941) 365-4122

Q Tips say: Go and try it. Met friends and enjoyed the company. The Q’s had ordered a Carpaccio di manzo con caprino, pancetta e crescione – (Paper thin slices of raw beef with goat cheese, crispy pancetta and watercress) for the entire table to share. Yes, it was that big. Mrs. Q had Scaloppine di vitello con funghi e Marsala-(Veal scaloppine sautéed with marsala and mushrooms served with potatoes).Mr. Q had the “Swordfish Special”.Our friends chose a Pasta Dish and Piccata di Salmone con capperi limone(Sauteed Salmon scaloppine with lemon and capers sauce served with spinach).

Mrs. Q says: The service is good and twice they brought a complimentary tomato mix brochette for the table to share. One negative is that they do not deviate from the menu when it comes to your side dish. They respond with – “That is what comes with the meal”. So if you do not want the potatoes and request the String Beans, it probably is not going to happen unless you order another side dish.

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