Texas Roadhouse – Bradenton FL 2017

Texas Roadhouse -5710 Ranch Lake Blvd., Bradenton, FL,(941)   747-2740  texasroadhouse.com

Q-Tips Say: Yes, we did enjoy it. Not fine dining but decent food, drinks and OUTSTANDING service. Went for the early dining menu a enjoyed a steak w/ 2 sides for $8.99 ea. We will be back to try other items on the menu.

Now about the servers at Texas Roadhouse – they train these young adults well. Great service, very helpful & respectful to all the older customers. Case in point: an older women eating at the bar could not remove the shrimp off the skewers due to some type of hand issue, so the bartender put on her sanitary gloves and proceeded to remove the shrimp for the lady. Wonderful caring servers all around.