DUGAN'S PUB – Brevard NC10/2014

DUGAN’S PUB – French Broad Pl., Brevard, NC 28712, (828) 862-6527, duganspub.com

Q-Tips say: It is what it is called, a Pub. Ok food, service and specializes in beer.
So don’t go to Dugan’s and order a “drink” other than beer, like the Q’s did, you will be disappointed – not sure the bartenders know how to make drinks other than beer.

Yes, it is a Pub across the street from a small college in Brevard – Several large TV’s, a bar with one bar stool with a horse’s riding saddle. Many of the locals stop here. They offer many types of “Brewski’s”, burgers, sandwiches and other food you would expect in a “Pub.” It is what it is called, a Pub.

Mrs. Q says: SHLAINTE (An Irish toast similar to “CHEERS”.

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