JORDAN ST. CAFE, Brevard, NC 10/2014

JORDAN ST CAFE – 30 W Jordan St., Brevard, NC (828) 883-2558,

The Q’s, at once time, really liked Jordan St. Cafe. It was casual, nice ambiance, great food, drinks and service – but SOMETHING HAPPENED! The ambiance is the same but the food is NOT!

JORDAN ST. CAFE is now more like a lunch place than fine dining. They offer a complete hard copy menu of Burgers and Wraps. The waitress comes over and tells you the “Specials of the Day.” We were told they change daily so there is no hard copy, she would be happy to repeat them, if needed. We ordered the Wedge Salad to share – it was OK but we have had better. The Q’s decided to share the Steak with Oysters Rockefeller on top with mashed potatoes and spinach because we did not want Burgers or Wraps for dinner. Asked about having 2 baked potatoes instead of mashed, we don’t do baked potatoes, she said. The Steak was large enough to share but it was thin and had a lot of fat. Our drinks were ok and our waitress was uber friendly but they had no cocktail onions or stuffed olives, so Mr. Q said OK to regular Olives.

Mrs. Q says: The prices for the Burgers and Wraps run between $10 to $12 each. Daily Specials are higher. At one time, we would always recommend Jordan Street Cafe to Friends/Family but NOT ANYMORE, unless they are in the mood for Burgers or Wraps. So many other really good fine dining restaurants in Brevard like “Marco’s”. It will be interesting to see if Jordan St. Cafe continues to do well with this change of menu. Perhaps they are out to please the younger college crowd, then they have succeeded. But will they be successful long term? The Q’s will NOT return.

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