MAYBERRY'S Soups & Sandwiches, Brevard, NC 10/2014

MAYBERRY’S SOUP & SANDWICHES – 30 W Main St., Brevard, NC 28712 (828) 862-8646

Q’s decided to stop for some soup since it was a rainy day. They don’t take reservations Mr. Q had the vegetarian Chile and Mrs Q ordered Chicken Rice Soup. Did the the table dance, because people would come and sit at your table even tho you place something on it. When our soup finally came, Mrs. Q was then told they ran out of the soup she ordered- could they not have said that when it was ordered? I was asked, would you like something else? The waitress got another menu and threw it on the table and walked away. The reason Mrs. Q did not order the Tomato Soup was because it was spicy. The waitress returned and Mrs. Q ordered the Tomato Soup – she took it because she was hungry. When the soup did arrive, No Spoon, or napkins. She had to get up and ask for these items. Mr. Q liked his Chile and Mrs. Q eventually got what she did not want, Tomato Soup that was spicy.

Stuff happens, but that is why I give this restaurant thumbs down for poor service. Yes, I understand this is a small college town but the service should be a tad better.

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