A thin crust PIZZA Quest 7/2017

PIZZA QUEST –   2017  –  Mrs. Q suggested to some friends to do a thin crust pizza quest.  Let’s find the best thin crust pizza around here.  Then I mentioned that perhaps I should take 2 aspirins and call the Dr. in the morning. Well…. they liked the idea, so…

  1.  Francesca’s on Bryn Mawr –   miafrancesca.com  Edgewater, IL. We ate at the bar for the “Happy Hour” and  the individual your own small pizza.

Consensus: pizza was thin, tho not as thin as some would like, but good. Cheesy, thin, and one comment “had a touch of yeast taste” which they enjoyed.  You can’t beat the price for the “Happy Hour.”

2. The VeRanda Rest. – 1100 W Thorndale Ave., Chicago, at Winthrop Ave., Edgewater, (773) 784-1550, verandagruppo.com  

The Q’s have been there before and liked their pizza and our daughter and grandson liked their Veggie pizza.

Now on to the “best thin crust quest.”  The orders were placed 15 mins before starting the walk to the restaurant to pick up the pizzas.  We were not eating there, have a “pizza party at our place.” When the men arrived at the restaurant to pick up, they forgot to make one pizza and they had to do it.

The Consensus: The Q’s liked their thin crust sausage/garlic pizza.  The other couple ordered two different pizzas. One was more “veggies” and the other not.  Not sure that the other couple liked their pizzas.  They said they don’t like the location of the restaurant, even tho it is BYOB and no corkage fee.

3. Gino’s North – 1111 W Granville Ave., at Winthrop Ave., Edgewater  (773) 465-1616, ginosnorth.com  Yes, the 4 of us have been here before but after Peggy left it seemed like it wasn’t the same.

The Q’s went back and the new cook seems to be working extra hard to make the pizza “the way you want.”  He came out and showed us the pizza to make sure it was the way we like it.  Of course, John, our favorite and best bartender ever, was there and the drinks were superb.  Yes, the pizza was delicious, as was the antipasto salad and drinks. I guess The Q’s went full circle – wanted to find a really decent thin crust pizza and Gino’s is in the running again. Try it and see if you like it.

  4. Colletti’s –  5707 N Central Ave., (773) 775-5144,  collettis.com 

The Q’s usually order something else but recently decided to try their pizza.  It was good, nice thin crust, etc. It it a ride but the pizza was good along as are some of their other entrees.