Chgo River Boat Architectural Tour 7/2016

Wedella Chicago Architectural River Boat Tour – 400 N Michigan Ave., (708) 831-3062,

Q-tips say: We boarded our tour from Navy Pier. Went with long time friends, our daughter & grandson. The little guys first “Boat trip.” He did enjoy. Not only did he enjoy the boat ride but the water park at Navy Pier. He said to Grandma, “Grandma, you want to play in the water with me?” Yes, I said, but I can only get my legs wet since I have my close on. But Grandma, I have a solution, you could take your close off, like I did, and run in the water with your under pants on. Well, needless to say, Grandma did not think the world was ready for that scene.

Yes, the Boat trip was informative, the guide was knowledgeable. Being on the river, the water is calm. They offer drinks, snacks on the boat and have a washroom. Upper and lower levels. Unfortunately, one of our passenger become ill and we had to made a stop to get the medical assistance. Please people, from all countries, when there is an emergency and the captain/or tour guide tells you to sit down, DO IT! They did an excellent job of getting help and getting the ill person off the boat for medical care. We continued on and we saw the entire

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