Edgewater Arts Festival 9/2018

Edgewater Arts Festival –  ON GRANVILLE BETWEEN BROADWAY & SHERIDAN,  SEPTEMBER 29-30  | 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM,   20 MUSICAL ACTS  |   BEER & WINE GARDEN   |   LOCAL VENDORS  |  100 ARTISTS & More

Q-tips say: go and enjoy!  Yes, we did volunteer this year at one of the entrance gates.

There is a suggested $5.00 donation or whatever you can.  This year they were having a raffle of several new Motorola cell phones.  You got a ticket when entering and the ticket was free.

Early morning one of the organizers was harassed verbally by a local person, swearing at her profusely and followed her around because he said it interferes with his life, parking, and did not like the noise.  He became obnoxious and an under cover Police person finally hand cuffed him and she took him away.  Chicago’s finest do parole the festival(s) periodically to make sure we can enjoy the festival, music, food, etc.