Edgewater Historical Society 9/2018

Edgewater Historical Society –  5358 N Ashland Ave., Chicago, IL, (773) 506-4849,   edgewaterhistory.org

Q tips say:  A small museum like the Pizza Museum.  When we went they had an exhibit about the 1968 Democratic national convention  protests. A short video about Edgewater’s beginnings to now.  Videos of the convention protests.  It also has the history of Edgewater Beach Hotel.  Look up and around for old items from years ago, etc.(baby buggy, etc.).

Mrs. Q says:  IT WAS FREE – only on Sat. & Sun. It is a good thing, because those are also the only days they are open. Street parking on the main street is FREE.  So if you really want to see it go, but don’t expect a large museum with many artifacts, etc. It is in an old fire station bldg. Did you know that  Hillary Clinton and Clayton  Moore (the Lone Ranger) are from Edgewater?  Well, now you know.