CHICAGO Walking ARCHITECTURAL TOUR – our tour started at 10 South Dearborn St. Chicago, (312) 350-1131 Tour Overview: Step inside magnificent lobbies, corridors, and the underground Pedway system for an in-depth, personal approach to a Chicago architecture walking tour downtown. Available six days a week, the Loop Interior Architecture Walking Tour takes you on a creative route that weaves through buildings and secret short-cuts. Tour guests get to share iPads with archival images like maps, historic photos and documentary video clips while the tour guide shares stories of Chicago history. For the next level of connection with architecture, go inside of the buildings. You will appreciate Chicago architecture from new perspectives. From the interiors, you experience architectural space rather than from the more isolated perspective of a downtown sidewalk. All guests receive the gift of our color-printed map of the Chicago Pedway System and complimentary offers to our favorite local restaurants and businesses in the Loop.

Q-TIPS SAY: A 2 hour tour with a total of a half mile of walking.
Mrs. Q suggests: Getting a Living Social deal or other deals offer 2 for 1 – Otherwise the tour is $26.00 per person – Seniors $24.00 per person. Highlights include the Macy’s building (originally Marshall Fields), Chicago Cultural Centre, the sky church at the Chicago Temple Building, Block 37, stories on the public transportation system and much more. A sample of a local frozen kefir cafe (like frozen yogurt) was also set up which was a nice touch.

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