CHINATOWN TOUR – Take the Red Line, CTA buses: 21,24, 62 or a Water Taxi
( ), or car to Cermack and ENJOY!

Q-Tips say: This tour was with a Groupon coupon. Mrs. Q says: DO NOT go with Groupon for the Chinatown Walking Tour – it is a waste of your hard earned money.

The Q went two years ago on their own walking tour after stopping at the:
Chinatown Chamber of Commerce, 21687 S. China Place –
Get yourself a FREE brochure which includes all the sightseeing stops, a detailed map of all the sights and stops and a explanation of each one. Also many restaurants you can choose from for Lunch, Dim Sum, or Dinner.
Mrs. Q says: A must see is the Chinese American Museum of Chicago – there is a small fee but worth every penny.

The Chinese American Museum of Chicago tells the story of how the Chinese came from the EAST and WEST COASTS because of discrimination and abuse to settle in the inner city of Chicago because Chicago is where they were accepted & then moved to the present location.  How the Family Associations (no, not gangs) formed.  Then the Q’s were off to the:  Buddhist Temple. Buddhism was brought to China from India around 200 AD and began to flourish due to the decline of the Han Dynasty and its strict Confucian beliefs.  The basis of Buddhism preaches that suffering is inherent in life and one can only be liberated from it by mental and moral self-purification.

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