Evanston Ethnic Arts Festival – 7/2014

EVANSTON ETHNIC ARTS FESTIVAL – Centennial Park (Sheridan Rd. Between Clark and Church) FREE
Dates: Sat., July 19-Sun. July 20, Time: 12pm-7pm

New location! Due to construction, the festival has moved just north of Dawes Park to Centennial Park on Sheridan Road between Clark and Church. The lakefront will come alive from noon to 7pm with two stages of continuous world music and dance, up to 140 juried artists, international cuisine, hands-on art activities and more.

Q-Tips say: It is ok – features art from an abundance of countries, family crafts activities, international cuisine, and live music, dance. Experience the colors, sounds, and aromas of world cultures. You can learn folk-dance, experience new ethnic foods and also some of the usual food offered at this type of Festival. Mrs. Q says: She enjoyed watching the different dances from other countries by the costumed performers. The Q’s shared a sausage called “Cevapcici” Mr. Q liked it with onions and a special sauce they make, but it was a tad too spicy for the “Little Woman.”

What is CEVAPCICI?? The casing-less sausages known as cevapcici or cevaps found their way into Eastern Europe via the Ottoman Empire, which picked them up from Arabic cultures around Persia.

Today, there are different versions of cevapcici throughout Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Macedonia. Some use pork and lamb, others use pork, lamb and beef, and yet others omit the pork entirely.

Originally, they were skewered and grilled over an open fire. Nowadays, most cooks grill, broil or pan fry them. They make great appetizers and sandwiches on lepinje (Serbian Flatbread).

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