Q-Tips Say:
Go and enjoy! We did. Flew to Albuquerque New Mexico and then went to Santa Fe and went on a bus tour for the rest of the trip. A lot of on/off the bus – and just about every night at a different hotel so if you are not able to handle the pace then you might want to rethink it. We did have a couple of women in the late 80’s and one in her 90’s on the trip. The 90 year old left her meds. in the hotel room and that created an extra stop – she was not well and many times did not get off the bus at the scenic sites.

Also see: Mountain Sickness post.

Mrs. Q says: Even tho we had a rough start from Ohare because of the fire in the Air Traffic Controller’s Tower and the luggage went to Texas but arrived the next day and her shoe falling apart, and when her luggage arrived, the two wheels were fine but she was missing one of the metal stops on her luggage. She affectionately called her luggage “limpy” because it would not stand up without help.
We had a wonderful time full of memories. Stories to remember and laugh about.

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