GO AWAY TOURS CO -Trip to National Parks USA

GO AWAY TOURS TRIP – Eight Education Street, Cambridge, MA 02141
Definitely go see the National Parks but perhaps with another Tour Co.

A NOTE OF CAUTION: Our trip was in Sept. & Oct. It seems that many restaurants are closed and free bus routes to and from Exhibits, etc. don’t run after Oct. 1., so you either walk or take a taxi. So be careful to find out ahead for planning your side excursions/restaurants. Also,
Altitude Sickness is real – take note if you are elderly or have health issues.

GOOD: It was reasonably priced providing you don’t mind paying for a lot of your own meals and excursions. Special Excursions on most Land Tours do cost extra. The entrance fees to all the National Parks are included in the price. However Mrs. Q suggests perhaps you take another Tour Company for your National Parks Trip. The Q’s have taken other land tours, such as, the Alaska Land Tour and it was better organized and many more meals and excursions were included in the price with another Tour Co. Our bus driver, Joey, was EXCELLENT. Joey knew where he was going, made sure all luggage was accounted for and, when possible, had the luggage in the room so we did not have to wait for the luggage to arrive. Joey NEVER lost his composure even when:
1. An elderly lady (90 yrs old) left her medicine in the last hotel and had to make an additional stop.
2. When another women wanted to be dropped off so she would leave the tour and meet with family. (not sure if this was arranged with the tour co ahead of time or an executive decision by the tour guide).
3. The Washroom stops. Some were closed-but Joey persevered and found others that were open. However, some of my greatest laughs came while looking for open toilets and waiting to use one.
4. When the passengers took more time then they should have looking at sights. Yes, Joey, rocks!

NOT SO GOOD: Our tour guide did not seem to be as well organized as he should be. We spent too much time looking for washrooms. However, I must say, some of the biggest laughs I had were while trying to find and get into washrooms! Our tour guide did not do as good a job as one might taking control of the time spent when viewing sights. Made a stop by the “Idaho Sign” so people could get off the bus and take a photo showing they were in Idaho – way too much time wasted since that was the only part of Idaho we actually saw – should have skipped it. Often would say when asked a question, I’ll talk about it later.” The bus had a toilet but we were told by the tour guide it should be used for emergency visits only. The bus had only one exit door – therefore there was a lot of time spent getting on/off the bus. There were no back seat holders for items and the right side of the bus monitors did not work. The tour guide was frustrated, rightfully so, when the microphone and movies did not work and had to work on it. Another time waster, in our opinion, was the “Marble Canyon” stop. It was to be a toilet stop but they were were locked up. So time wasted because it took time for us to walk to see the surrounding sights then someone came and unlocked one toilet and after more time waiting, some of the passengers finagled the other one open. Once on our way, found that the gas station ahead, about one minute away, was open and had two toilets.

FAR VIEW INN – was explained in the brochure as having beautiful views. Yes, only if your room is in front by the Restaurant but many of the rooms are in a row behind one another and there is no view except for the other row of rooms ahead of you. However, it did have a balcony. Caution: You must walk to the restaurant from the back row rooms – so if you have a disability or health problem or elderly, be sure to request a room up front.

CONCLUSION: Mrs. Q says: Definitely go see your National Parks – Mother Nature created them for us to enjoy and we did enjoy the Parks but perhaps GO WITH ANOTHER TOUR CO.

Yes, I feel the pain that a tour guide goes through because you cannot please all the people all the time, and many things are out of your control, like a closed bridge, however, a tour guide can take better control of time and plan better.


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