GRAND CANYON 10/1/2014

GRAND CANYON National PARK – Sooth Rim – The Q’s have been to the North Rim and this trip it was good to go South.

– Excellent and easy to use, ride and it is FREE! There are several but they are easy to use depending on whether you are touring the Canyon, etc. The front of the FREE green and white shuttle tells you the name of the route and the color. Caution: Wheelchairs can be accommodated but motorized wheelchairs cannot.

Holiday Inn – Hwy 64, Grand Canyon, AZ (800) 345-8082, was ok – the usual amenities that Holiday Inn offers. It was a place to rest your tired bones at night. They say HIGH SPPED Iternet – it is more like NO SPEED/or very very slow speed internet. Supposedly have been working to fix it for several years.

Grand Canyon National Park Village Loop Dr., Grand Canyon, AZ (928) 638-2631… High End, Good food/Drinks (had a bit of an odd odor when you walked it) but good menu selections.

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