MONUMENT VALLEY in Kayenta AZ – (928) 697-3221,
Caution: You are in Ancestral Puebloans, some say Navaho, Country – be respectful of their land and customs as you would want them to respect yours. There is NO ALCOHOL served on this land. Mrs. Q says: Interesting note: as you near Puebloan/ or Navaho Territory, just before you enter, there are beer/alcohol bottles thrown along the roadside – they drink before they get to their land and toss the litter along side the road. An elderly woman owns this land and it is passed down from one generation to another. She is still living in her own home with extended family. The home is surrounded by a chain link fence and they live a frugal life. It can been seen if you go with a tour guide on your tour.

Hampton INN in Monument Valley – Kayenta, AZ 86033, (928) 697-3170, Hotel was just ok – clean but nothing special.

Mrs. Q says: Take a tour – not cheap but you need to have a guide to see Mystery Valley, where a lot of the ruins and hieroglyphs can be found. Also included in our tour was dinner outside on picnic benches on Navaho Land – Dinner was a Taco Dinner, Navaho Style made by Navaho people. It consisted of a very thick crust small pizza rolled up with taco fillings inside. Water or their special tea and Cookies for dessert. Not sure if you can take the tour w/out the Taco dinner, I would and spend your money on one of the roadside stands selling handmade jewelry, crafts, etc. from them.

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