SALT LAKE CITY UTvoted the “least stressed city” we were told. Clean city, good transportation and of course, many things to see.

Salt Lake Plaza Hotel 122 W South Temple., Salt Lake City, UT 84101, Salt Lake City, Downtown, (801) 521-0130, Our room was clean, had an ok breakfast. When we arrived they had cookies and some type of lemonade for the guest. The employees were friendly and helpful. When asked for a good steak and full bar Rest., the front desk person suggested “Squatters.” See review on squatters next. Asked if we could walk there and he said, if you wait one moment, our driver, can take you there, even tho we could have walked. After dinner we called the hotel and the driver came and pick us up after we were done eating. Nice touch for a hotel, since many only offer cab service. Of course, we did tip the driver. We did not encounter any bedbugs, hopefully they have eliminated the problem. We did have a lovely view of the city from our room.

SQUATTERS REST. 147 W Broadway, Downtown, (801) 363-2739 After the glowing reports from the hotel’s front desk, we decided to go there. The food was OK but it was just a Pub with sandwiches and beer, they don’t know how to make a good drink. However, the restaurant was filled with college students, some singing, talking loudly and watching games on the TV’s, definitely enjoying themselves. Not exactly what we would call a quite evening with a good steak and full bar. While waiting for the driver, compliments of the hotel, we noticed a Ruth Criss Steakhouse a few blocks down. Oh Well, at least we were fed and watered.

MORMON TEMPLE and more: 50 W S Temple., Downtown., (801) 240-2534 We were able to walk around the temple and see a few things. It was later in the evening, so most things were closed. Nice gardens, but not as elaborate as one might anticipate. Still nice to see when the evening lights are on the temple. Would go back again to see more of Salt Lake City but not a real high priority on the “bucket list.” Time to get ready to leave early AM and get back on the bus.

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