OWNING A DOG – May Kelli rest in peace 10/25/2013

KELLI – our American Cocker Spaniel was adopted from North Carolina. Kelli was about 9 or 10 years old.

Those of you who had the pleasure of knowing her, know that when she saw her two legged friends her entire body swayed from side to side. When she met her four legged friends, her tail moved at the speed of lightning. She began to slow down while we were in Ill for the summer but after arriving in FL for the winter, her conditioned worsened. Took her to the Dr. and he said she has cardiomyopathy, an enlarged heart and water build up around her heart. For two weeks, cooking her favorite rice, chicken and low sodium broth, plus follow up Dr. visits there was no improvement. The first Dr. visit he said, “if that were you or I, we would need a wheelchair”. Two weeks of heart medicine, a urinary track infection which did clear up, and lasik heart medicine to help regulate the heart beat and eliminate the water, and thyroid medicine, did not improve her over all condition. The final Dr. visit, he said “if that were you or I, we would need a heart transplant.” The decision was difficult but it was more difficult to see her not be able to walk, we had to pick her up after she did her “duty” outside and carry her back inside. She did not want to eat nor did she sleep well. The cost from start to finish, beginning in Ill till the end in FL. over $1,000.00 but we have the peace of mind knowing that we did all we could while she was living till we could not do any more. Those who knew her know she was put on this earth to make others happy, she was a bundle of love, and she made others happy. The Vet’s office sent a plant and a note as a remembrance before the day was over. Adios Kellisita, Adios.

Mrs. Q says: Owning a pet is just like having a child but you don’t have to worry about college.

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