Robinson Preserves 4/2019

Robinson Preserves –  17th Ave NW & 99th St NW., Bradenton, FL –

Q-tips say:  SEE IT!   On the way to DeSoto Park we saw DeSoto Park was having a special program so we decided to take a detour to an old cemetery/church.  Keep going past both and found Robinson Preserves.  Robinson Preserves has different terrains, trail options, and activity options whether you want to walk, bike, stroll, kayak or climb the steps of the tower. The trail head at the North end has kayak launch along with a cleaning station, so you can hose it down before you load up to take it home. There are so many trail options mix and match, plus there are benches ever so often to sit in the shade and catch your breath (marked on the trail maps with a brownish hut/house icon) some even have workout signs with suggestions of how to get your blood pumping a little more. Nice, clean beautiful park so go enjoy! We and our guests enjoyed.

Nearby is a Historic Church & Cemetary – make a stop and see it.