SCANDINAVIAN GIFTS and MARKET – 2166 Gulf Gate Dr., Sarasota, FL 34231, (941) 923-4313

Q-Tips say: KRINGLES, yummmm! Scandinavian Gifts has Linens, Glassware, cookbooks, jewelry, candles, collectibles and the best of all they have “Danish Kringles.” Kringles come frozen and can be refrozen, so you can have half at a time. Kringles are a family size dessert made in Racine, Wisconsin. Kringles come in many flavors: Nut, Cherry, Apricot, Cheese & Cherry.,etc. They have the closed they St. Armand’s Circle Store at 7 S. Blvd of the Presidents, Sarasota. GREAT PLACE- Scandinavian food items like crisp bread, candies, canned fish, and spreads. Cookbooks, glassware, china, and refrigerated Scandinavian food like a tube of smoked roe, pickled herring, 14 flavors of Kringle, and Swedish meatballs. Tons of shirts and hats. Glassware items, candles, and Scandinavian Christmas decorations. They have lots of viking stuff, including many sizes of viking figurines, goblets, and bowls. We like Kringles and bought Cherry and Apricot. YUM!

Mrs. Q says: Why go all the way to Wisc., or order over the internet, when you can get your KRINGLE FIX right here in Sarasota FL. Enjoy those Kringles, we are.

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