FOR WOMEN ONLY – HUMOROUS BATH REMODELING – Contd. 8/2013 Or Is it wrong for you to tell the remodeling contractors “HOW MESSY THEY REALLY ARE?”

Yes, can you believe it? It is August already. They started on 7/8/2013 – was supposed to be a two week job. (Cough,Cough) – yes they are sawing and drilling again and not putting down a tarp on the floor.

Mon 8/5 – The Granite counter top people came in – three, all named John and all from Poland. They cut the hole and cleaned up right on the spot and were out in 2 hours. That is the way to get it done! Or is it?
Tues. 8/6 – The remodeling guy was going to come by in the afternoon at 2:00. The Q’s had a dinner reservation so they had to be out by 4:15 not 5:00. He said, “do you want me to come back tomorrow?” Mrs. Q said no, perhaps you can connect the plumbing so we can have a working faucet. Mr. Q was walking the dog. Mrs. Q gave the worker the itemized list that Mr. Q wrote up about what we wanted to have done first. Hour and a half later, all that was done was the faucet was in – but no plumbing. So he left early and said, “I will be back tomorrow first thing in the AM.” (We knew he would be back because he left all his tools – saw, drills, etc. in the hallway and on the lanai.) We gave him a metal piece, that Mr. Q ordered over the internet, that was for the top of the bath tub enclosure to have them cut down to fit to size for tomorrow – seems the new tile is a different size from the old tile and there is a gap at both ends of the tub.
Weds. 8/7 – Did not arrive till 10:30. Mrs. Q decided to leave and get groceries. Driving home from the store, Mr. Q calls and said there is a problem with the faucet. 1. the Granite men cut the hole too close to the wall and the faucet doesn’t fit right. 2. The worker was trying to install it and broke the stem that closes at the sink to hold the water in. Even Mr. Mr. is getting at little irritated. OK – several calls later and a lot of loud talking, the worker is gone for over an hour, comes back with a new stem part. Success, it is working & the top metal part for the bath enclosure fits perfectly. Yippee! Now to fix the threshold (oh yes, more sawing and cutting – cough, cough). He is doing a lot a whistling and feverishly working to get it done! The pressure must be on! He leave with all his equipment promptly at 5. Horray! It is done. Just have to wait one week for the replacement Medicine Cabinet. Mrs. Q says: IT IS A GOOD THING I HAVE ONE TACK CLOTH LEFT, I’LL NEED IT.(Cough, Cough!)
8/19/2013 – The cabinet is installed and all is done.

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