PIEROGI FEST – 119th St., Whiting, IN 46394, (219) 659-0292, pierogifest.net PIEROGI FEST ALWAYS RUNS at the end July. The fest runs from 11am to 10pm on Friday and Saturday and from 11am to 5pm on Sunday. You’ll find it jam packed with things like the Polka Dance, Mr. Pierogi and Ms. Paczki. WANT TO TALK TO A REAL LIVE PERSON ABOUT PIEROGI FEST?  call at 219.659.0292. They love to chew the fat about all things pierogi! Went with friends and all of us enjoyed!
You bet your Dupa we enjoyed it! Dziękuję, Mrs. Q

Q-Tips say: NO ADMISSION FEE to get into Pierogi Fest.  GO and go HUNGRY.  Plenty of different kinds of Polish goodies and other types of food. A large Beer Garden, Arts & Crafts and plenty of places to sit and enjoy the day. Lots of entertainment & fun things for the kiddies. See you next year at Pierogi Fest. 

They HAVE SO MUCH FUN at the Fest they need five stages to showcase it all.

International Polka Parade The International Polka Parade, and is one of the highlights of each Pierogi Fest. With its special Precision Lawn-mower Drill team, the Twirling Babushka Brigade, the Marching MBA’s, the World’s Original Lazy Boy float, high school band, the Pierogi Queen and her court, and the “Beer-o-gies,” the parade salutes their Eastern European heritage with a little tongue in cheek. It’s the antithesis of any parade you’ve ever seen! This year they had the Armed Services of the USA challenging anyone who would like to participate on competitive “pull ups” and “push ups” for men and women. Also a booth “hug a cop and show them your appreciation for what they do.”

Mr. Pierogi Songfest Mr. Pierogi and his Pieroguettes (Miss Potato, Miss Cheese, Miss Mushroom, Miss Berry, Miss Beef, Miss Apricot, and Miss Sauerkraut) along with featured singers sing and dance during the Mr. Pierogi Songfest.Big time favorites are our Pierogi festival anthem, sung to the tune of “Matilda” and the charming “Whiting, Indiana” song. Our guest vocalists have bowled over lunch time crowds with “I Will Deep Fry,” “Anything You Can Eat, I Can Eat More Of” and of course the fugue from “Guys & Pierogis.” Broadway tunes bow to the great white (and kind of golden brown) Pierogi. Every year, we introduce new songs, don’t miss this fun sign along.

Pierogi Toss How far can you fling a pierogi? How about backward over your head? There’s only one way to find out and that’s at the Pierogi Toss. Visit the information booth or the Chamber of Commerce office to find out how to enter!

Pierogi Eating ContestHave you ever tried to eat your weight in Pierogi? If not, now’s your chance. Taking place at 3:00 on Sunday afternoon, this is the perfect way to end the weekend. You’re going to have some serious indigestion after this festival, why not make it worth it by seeing how many pieces of doughy goodness you can stuff in your mouth in 3 minutes? Just like above, visit the information booth or the Chamber of Commerce office to find out how to enter.

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