BIG FOOT MUSEUM – 5497 Hwy 9 Felton, CA 95018 (831) 335-4478 -www.bigfootdiscoveryproject… Good for Kids: YES

Q-Tips say: SEE IT! This museum is funky and fun. Don’t drive too far just to see it, but if you are in the area it is worth seeing. There are exhibits and the wonderful and interesting Mike behind the counter. Mike said there are about five types of Bigfoot (Bigfeet?) which was fascinating. He said he’s been studying Bigfoot for over 60 years! HE IS A BELIEVER! Requested donation was $2.00. If you can afford it give more – word has it – do to lack of funding, it might have to close – what a shame that would be.

Mrs. Q says: If you live in the Bay Area, this is definitely a neat little place to visit. The drive is beautiful and Henry Cowell Park (Redwoods) is RIGHT there. So, be sure to drop by and say hi to Sasquatch and Mike!. Another treat is the “Oak Tree Restaurant” next door. If time permits, go and enjoy their food and wine. See our review under California Restaurants.

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