JACUZZI FAMILY WINERY – 24724 Arnold Dr., Sonoma, CA 95476, (866) 522-8693

Q-Tips say: GO AND ENJOY! You can’t beat it anywhere! FREE wine tasting. YES, FREE! Also, should you be fortunate to get “FRED” as your host, he is one of the long line of Jacuzzi Familia. Fred not only tells you about the wine, grapes and how they make the wines but will spend time telling you about the family history. He was happy to answer our many questions. Make a point to walk around and see the beautiful works of art they have inside and out. If you are a Senior Citizen, ask about their 15% discount.

So, you think they went from Italy right into wine making? NOT SO. The original Jacuzzi Family originated from Italy. The sons developed the propellers for airplanes. After one of the brothers got killed the Matriarch said, no more propellers. When Mama speaks, the family listens. They moved their family to Northern California and purchased a 161-acre farm land in Contra Costa County. The Patriarch with help from his older children, planted a portion of the open farm fields with grapes and applied for a license to make wine for home consumption. They took their propeller ideas and went into the Jacuzzi business. where they manufactured water well pumps and eventually, the bath and spa that bears their name which is now in Berkeley. That leads us to the delicious wine they make.

Thanks, Fred, for making our visit so enjoyable and patiently answering our questions and offering us free chocolate shots. Usually the cost is $5.00.

Mrs. Q says: FREE WINE TASTING and also FREE olive oil tasting. WHAT a DEAL! Of course, we could not leave without purchasing several bottles of wine, A Sagrantino, Giuseppina and La Dolce Vigne and some olive oil. So many wines, so little time. Go and enjoy, we did.

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