Roaring Camp & Big Trees- Narrow Gauge Railroad 2/2019

Roaring Camp Railroad Train Rides –  5401 Graham Hill Rd., Felton, CA  –(831) 335-4484-

Q-tips say:  When you are with a 7 year old who loves everything about trains – you go twice on a train ride.  The first time it was on a regular locomotive and a short ride and then a short ride back.

The second train ride was on a “steam locomotive” train that went up the mountains – a short stop where you walk around and take care of “mother nature” calls and then ride back.

Q-tips say: Loved this “steam locomotive ” train ride. The conductor was funny and very informative about the train and its parts and how it ran.  The guest speaker, Nancy, was equally informative about the trees, the plants, animals that are in the Redwood Forest.  Mrs. Q really enjoyed this train ride and the speakers – right up her alley.