Ryde Hotel – Sun. Brunch

Ryde Hotel – 14340 Hwy 160, Walnut Grove, CA 95690, (916) 776-1318

Ryde Hotel Sun Brunch has a great selection of fresh food, seafood, meat, eggs, fruit, etc. along with Champagne Mimosas and other drinks along with musical entertainment. Voted in the top 5 places for Brunch in the Sacramento Area.

The Ryde Hotel was built in 1927 was an opulent establishment, complete with beauty salon and Historic-Ryde_Frontbarbershop, that served as a riverboat way station. It was also rumored to be a bordello. The lower level was a speakeasy, offering bootleg whiskey and jazz to a clientele in search of a good time.

There was even a trap door in the floor that allegedly opened to reveal a tunnel running under the road to a hidden doorway at the river’s edge. It’s not difficult to imagine the type of nocturnal activities that secret passageway has seen!

Speculation mixed with fact generated a good amount of notoriety that brought with it a certain cachet. The Ryde attracted celebrities of all types from President Herbert Hoover to local and state politicians to movie stars and mobsters. In later years the Hotel became a boarding house for the men and women who built the Delta levees and pioneered the area’s thriving agricultural industry. Over time, the Ryde has experienced many incarnations and owners including the Lon Chaney, Jr. family. At one point the name was changed to the Grand Island Inn. During the 1980’s it was even a rock’n’roll mecca!

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