Siegel's Clothing – San Francisco

Siegel’s Clothing – 2300 Mission St. San Francisco CA 9411-, (415) 824-7729

Want to know where you can rent a “Zoot Suit”? Siegel’s is the place. It has custom fit clothing, its own tailors, accessories and clothing for boys. The only thing it does not carry is women’s clothing. Ladies, you are on your own for the “special occasion” or your “swing wedding.”

Siegel’s does clothing for movies, theaters, special events, move stars, etc. (you get the picture). It also has work clothes. You can rent or buy your Zoot suit and accessories right down to your shoes and hat. They have their own tailors to measure and fix to your size. You can have your seamstress/or tailor measure you and email or call in the measurements. Now that is what I call fun, and easy.

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