Winchester Mystery House – San Jose CA

Winchester Mystery House – 525 S Winchester Blvd., San Jose, CA 95128
(408) 247-2101,

Treated the “adult kids” to the Winchester Mystery House and had an enjoyable time. Children age, 7 and up, are allowed. Won’t say it is inexpensive but definitely worth it. You can buy discounted tickets on Groupon. Parking is free, and so are the walk thru Gardens. Of course, there is a Gift Shop and small restaurant. They have very knowledgeable tour guides.

The person who commissioned the mansion was a rich widow who was married to the heir to the “Winchester fortune.” “There are a few “ghosts” lingering here and there to add a little extra spookiness.” Stairs that lead to ceilings and many doors that lead to nowhere. No photos are allowed and, believe it or not, it is owned by a private party whose name they are not allowed to mention.

Mrs. Q says: Talk about someone who had so much money, did not know what to do with it and was not quite mentally adjusted as most. If in the area, see it. You will enjoy.

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