FLAGLER COLLEGE – 74 King St., St. Augustine, FL 32084
(904) 829-2424 www.flagler.edu

Q-Tips say: A must see/do. The 45 minute tour given by a student is worth taking. Yes, you are correct, I believe it was $10.00 pp but worth it. You’ll learn a fantastic amount of history about the old hotel and Flagler’s legacy plus you’ll get to see parts of the auditorium and Women’s lounge that are closed off to the general public. The Tiffany stained glass windows and Tiffany carved chairs (yes, they did make the chairs) and their imitations are definitely worth the price of admission. Mrs. Q says: The dorms are NOT co-ed. There were areas that were off limits, like the dorms. You can take photos except for the last room which was the Women’s Section of the Hotel – your guide will remind you.

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