HARRY'S Seafood/Bar Grill

HARRY’S Seafood/Bar Grill – 46 Avenida Menendez., St. Augustine, FL 32084
(904) 824-7765 – www.hookedonharrys.com

Q-Tips say: We asked some of the locals for recommendations and this was one. Service was ok but the server did not take off the discount – had to be reminded. Mr. Q ordered: Bourbon Street Salmon – house marinated & finished with a bourbon honey soy glaze served with smashed potatoes and vegetables. They offer it Blackened and that is not how it came. Mr. Q sent it back and they Blackened the bottom only. That is not how Blackened fish is done. He was not happy with his meal. Mrs. Q ordered Trout Arugula – seared trout topped with a light lemon beurre blanc finished with a fresh arugula dill salad and nola rice. She did not want the rice and got smashed potatoes. She did enjoy her meal. The Trout was delicious.

Mrs. Q’s notes: Yes, this is a chain. Some chains are good. Harry’s menu resembles a not so high end restaurant you might see in New Orleans – a lot of rice/red beans and rice, etc. Even tho Mrs. Q enjoyed her meal she says, “try some other restaurant.” The drinks were just ok. They offer Oreo Beignets – Oreo cookies fried in a light fluffy “beignet” batter, topped with white chocolate bourbon sauce and a drizzle of chocolate syrup. Who ever heard of an Oreo Beignet? What a dis-service to the original Beignets served in New Orleans. There are many restaurants to choose from in St. Augustine – so try something else, even tho the locals seem to like Harry’s.

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