20 thousand leagues under the sea

20 Thousand Leagues under the Sea – Looking Glass Theater – 821 N Michigan Ave Chicago – www.lookingglasstheater.org

When a terrifying sea monster is spotted off the coast, renowned scientist Professor Aronnax and fellow explorers set out to investigate. They soon find themselves kidnapped and held under the command, and spell, of the mysterious Captain Nemo. As they circle the globe aboard the most advanced submarine the world has never seen, they confront giant squids, bizarre sea creatures, and the monsters that lurk below…and within.

Q-tips say: Second half was a tad better than the first. Special effects/gadgets is what this play is about. The Mr. liked it better than I. I guess it was easier for them to make 20 Leagues under the sea because some of the same staging was used in Moby Dick.

Mrs. Q says:  If they have a play called “JAWS,” I refuse to see it after seeing Moby Dick & 2o Thousand leagues under the sea. I have had it. I was actually cheering for the sea creature to take the  woman away –  but alas that did not happen. Making the Professor and her assistant women just to include women in this play is ridiculous.  And yes, “why is the Professor on the sea when she has seasickness” was a question asked by one of Captain Nemo’s assistants. Hello?  The best part was dinner at Flemings Bar & Rest.