Cry It Out

Cry it Out – Northlight Theater – 9501 Skokie Blvd., Skokie, IL, (847) 673-6300   – Cry It Out by Metzler focuses on the bonds and barriers between two new mothers across a backyard and across class differences. According to panel members, it is “heartbreakingly original in wrestling with issues of female friendship and class and privilege while still being a story about two people one quickly feels strongly about.” “Their challenges come across as very real and accessible without being trivialized.”

Mrs. Q says: While it sounded great, alas, it was just ok. I guess she has “been there, done that” about 30-40 years ago.  Having to decide whether to be a stay at home mother, or veture back out to the workforce after have child.  This play about 3 different women on different economic levels.  One husband decides to ask two neighbors if they would not mind if his wife could meet them in the yard.  He says that they also have a baby. Mrs. Q says: the best part when his wife starts to throw eyes at the neighbor’s house. Her husband decided to confide in the neighbor about his wife, who has not touched the baby in 5 mons., did not nurse, etc. The neighbor tells him it sounds like, Postpartum Depression.

The women screams, “who are you to tell my husband I have Postpartum Depression.” She says I’m a psychiatrist, I work full time, the baby just would not try nursing, and she had several miscarriages & I work just has hard has he and they own their own business being both psychiatrist. Well, the husband never mentions any of this.

Also, this was a afternoon Matinee and everyone in the theater looked as tho they were all retired. Perhaps it does play better to a younger crowd.  Now I see they are offering group discount tickets to  “soon to be Moms & Dads.”