Familiar 12/2018 at Steppenwolf Theater

Familiar – It’s winter in Minnesota and a Zimbabwean-American family is preparing for the wedding of their eldest daughter. When an unexpected guest arrives and the bride surprises the family by insisting on a traditional African ceremony, pre-wedding stress explodes into a full-on family feud. Fiercely funny, fast-paced and filled with love.  Familiar is a brilliant portrayal of a tight-knit family searching to preserve their past while building a new future.    Steppenwolf Theater  – 1650 N Halsted St., Chicago, IL  (312) 335-1650,     steppenwolf.org

Q-tips say: Mrs. Q says: Familiar is what families go thru especially when  a fact is kept a secret but should have been told much earlier than just before a wedding. Funny, yes. The stage setting and acting is good. You  have to love some of the characters and dislike others, because the acting is good.  Job well done.  Then off to Cafe Ba Ba Reeba for dinner.