Frost & Nixon – Redtwist Theater 5/2018

Frost & Nixon –  Redtwist Theater – 1044 W Bryn Mawr Ave.,  Chicago  –  Before the legendary Nixon interviews, David Frost was regarded as a low-brow TV huckster…more known as a dashing Brit playboy than a serious journalist, whom the president thought he could outwit in his quest for redemption. But when the cameras roll, Frost spars—and checkmates—the disgraced president into admitting that he not only broke the law, but was still in abject denial that he did anything wrong, summed up by the infamous line, “If the President does it, it’s not illegal.” A riveting historical drama about the legendary 1977 interviews that sealed the legacy of both men, and established Nixon as a modern-day punchline for abuse of power.

Q-tips say: YES, see it. It is in a small theater. Good acting, staging.  A supurb acting  job by Brian Perry as “Nixon” as well as other cast members. Show last about 90 mins- no intermission.  We can walk to it but easy to get to by bus/train el.  Afterwards, walked to Broadway Cellars for another great dinner.