Rosenkranz Mysteries 5/2018

Rosenkrantz Mysteries – Royal George Theater – 1641 N Halsted St, Chicago, 312-988-9000   – Dr. Rosenkranz devotes a significant portion of his time to teaching at the Feinberg School of Medicine where he has been an active participant in new curriculum development. For his contributions to excellence in teaching Dr. Rosenkranz has been recognized with multiple awards.

In conjunction with the Medical Humanities and Bioethics Program at Northwestern, Dr. Rosenkranz created the nation’s first medical school curriculum for the study of magic and medicine. Created for first and second year medical students, these courses explore the performance aspects of medicine and the anthropological relationship between medicine and the magical arts. The principal aim is to help medical students develop a more sophisticated and deeper understanding of the doctor-patient relationship.

Q-tips say: We were a tad disappointed. Some of the magic was predictable. We arrived early and saw/heard the assistant talking with certain people who turned out to be the ones who were chosen for the magic tricks. One woman was given a ring for the “ring magic trick” and she was in front of us and we heard her talking with her daughters that she better put the ring on so she doesn’t misplace it. There were some moments that were ok but overall, disappointing.  Mrs. Q says: Dr. Rosenkranz should stick to medicine and perhaps put the magic to the side for awhile. While he has impressive credentials, the magic show needs some tweaking and his assistant needs to fine tune her pre show selection process.