Support Group for men – Goodman Theater 7/2018

Support Group for men – Goodman Theater –  170 N Dearborn St
Chicago, IL,  (312) 443-3800,

Every Thursday in Wrigleyville is “Guys’ Night” for a group of pals who gather to vent about middle-aged maladies—with a “No Ladies” policy strictly enforced. When an unexpected visitor crashes the party, their notions of what it means to be a man in today’s America are suddenly upended. Ninety mins. – no intermission.

Q-tips say: Was ok. Funny, briefly covered all issues: lack of sex (of course it is a men’s support group), getting old, # me too, being black, being Hispanic, & they ask each other if they have ever kissed another man, etc. A white older man, younger Hispanic, a black man, younger white man who tells all that his relationship with a certain woman is perfect – no disagreements, sex is great, etc. until she leaves him.  An Asian police woman  & a white male office also appear and it is quite entertaining.   Mrs. Q’s favorite characters were “Roger” the older white man and the Asian police woman. Was worth seeing for the really inexpensive tickets.  Then off to Catch 35 for dinner.