The HOLIDAY RADIO show – 1943 12/2018

The Holiday Radio Show – 1943 – at Berger Park Coach house Chgo IL by Three Cat productions – setting: December 1943 – 6205 N Sheridan Rd., Chicago, IL 60660

Three Cat Production is thrilled to bring back its hit show, The Holiday Radio Show: 1943. The Holiday Radio Show takes us back to Christmas 1943, featuring stories by Louisa May Alcott, Lucy Maud Montgomery, O. Henry, Langston Hughes and more. There will be drama, wacky humor, adorable actors, and some truly transcendent three-part harmony that will chase away your “I Can’t Believe It’s the Holidays Again” blues.

Q-tips say:  The Holiday Radio Show was good.  Many songs were sung and the set was great along with all the Christmas decorations & furniture from that era. The only negative is a scene about a black boy who went to see Santa. The mother had nasty comments about Santa being a big fat white man & it is  all about the money.  Must we always interject racial tones to everything these days?  Otherwise, it was an enjoyable play and close enough to walk. By the way “Rosie the Riveter” does make a visit. And so do the Andrew Sisters. The talented actors/singers do a meet/greet before the play and offer cookies and cider to their guests.

Afterwards, off to Broadway Cellars for a good dinner.