The Roommate – Steppenwolf Theater 7/2018

The Roommate – Steppenwolf Theater,  N Halsted St., Chicago, IL,  (312) 335-1650, 

Q-tips say:  Sharon is Midwestern nice. But to Robyn, her new roommate from the Bronx, that just means very nosy and very, very talkative. A comical mismatch leads to a surprising and touching friendship in this new comedy about how early-life choices lead to mid-life challenges and the unexpected rewards of bridging the divide.

The Roommate is a warm, funny story about a chance cohabitation that sets two lives spinning. Think The Odd Couple meets Breaking Bad.

Was ok. Funny in parts (one is a meat eater the other a vegan) but took a dark turn when Sharon looks thru Robyn moving boxes and finds many many driver’s licenses. Then Sharon wants Robyn to teach her some of her many making ideas.  Oh! Oh!

Mrs. Q says: The more I thought about the play the more I found that to liake.