The crowd you’re with 5/2019

The crowd you’re  with – Raven Theater –  6157 N Clark St., Chicago – (773) 338-2177,

A backyard barbecue is the perfect place to tackle life’s big questions: Is the chicken done? Does the band need a new tune? Is this the right time to have a baby? Gilman’s fresh and moving play takes an intimate look at modern families, friendships and the ins and outs of love.

Q-tips say:  Liked it.  Several couples, different age levels, and singles ponder the questions of life. Mrs. Q says: they should shorten the part when the older couple decides to share some of their life stories about themselves/children, etc. –  it was a tad long.      The ending was a surprise when a younger couple decides about a baby.

Was a beautiful day for a walk to the theater, which is always a treat.  And then believe it or not, we ate at home. 🙂