TRUE WEST – Steppenwolf Theater 7/2019

TRUE WEST –  Centered on the tempestuous relationship between two brothers, Pultizer-nominated True West is one of Sam Shepard’s finest works. The story follows warring siblings Austin and Lee who find themselves alone together in their mother’s empty house. Austin is an ambitious screenwriter, while his brother Lee hasn’t quite settled on a path through life. With no one to talk to but each other, old grievances are aired and memories recalled in a cathartic blood-letting which may ultimately bring them closer, or force them further apart.

Q-tips say:   Say what???? True West moved quickly but what happened to the, now young adults, to them when they were younger?  Mrs. Q says:  She had sibling and tho, like most sibling, we didn’t always agree but we never tried to kill one another.  I had mixed emotions regarding this play.  To see two brotherly opposites swap sides and spirits, themes of sibling rivalry and family strife (their father, unseen but spoken of, is a drunk living alone out in the desert), but Mrs. Q’s  final suggestion is “don’t see it.”

However, we got the tickets for $20.00 ea.-so it was worth about that. So if you really want to see it, get the $20.00 tickets and then spend the rest on a good restaurant dinner.