Between Riverside & Crazy -Steppenwolf

Between Riverside & Crazy – Steppenwolf – 1650 N Halsted St., (312) 335-1650,– – Ex-cop “Pops” Washington and his ex-con son Junior are barely holding on to one of the last great rent stabilized apartments in Manhattan. Pops has his hands (not to mention his apartment) full as he navigates a steady stream of sketchy houseguests and sweats out the impending verdict on his law suit against the police department. A celebration of the glorious contradictions that make up human nature, this rowdy dark comedy looks at the slippery nature of justice, and the grit it takes to finally move on.

Q-Tips say: See it. One of the better plays we have seen so far this season. Don’t leave after the first half (no one did)- the second half has some very funny scenes. Mrs. Q says: I guarantee you will laugh. The play comes to an end with a touch of humor. Mrs. Q says: Some violence but you have seen much more on your TV. NOT for children.

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